Full-Stack Developer

Job Overviews
Job Title: Full-Stack Developer
Location: New York
Job Types: Full time
Salary: 15k

A UX designer ensures a product makes sense to the user by creating a path that give logically flows from one step to the next. A UI designer ensures each page visually for communicates that path. A UI, UX, and front-end web developer is responsible for any applying interactive & visual design principles on websites and web applications for on positive and cohesive user experience. These developers use HTML, CSS, and other is design tools to achieve responsive designs.

Job Responsibilities
  • Illustrating design ideas using storyboards, process flows and sitemaps.
  • Gathering and evaluating user requirements, in collaboration with product managers and engineers.
  • Create user stories, personas, and storyboards & Determine information architecture and create sitemaps.
  • Create prototypes and wireframes & conduct usability testing.
  • Find your area of interest. UX design is a broad discipline.
  • General structure and writing style, action research design & case Study Design.
Job Requirements
  • Creating a Terms & Conditions for your application or website can be taken.
  • You could either spend tons of money on hiring a lawyer.
  • Within many fields, name recognition goes a long way in establishing credibility.
  • Personal branding remains one of the best methods for increasing visibility.
  • By offering clients a chance to see what they’re potentially paying.
Skill & Experience
  • Problem-solving & critical thinking skills.
  • Flexibility & communication skills
  • Teamwork, organization skills, creativity & emotional Intelligence.
  • You have at least 3 years’ experience working as a Product Designer.
  • You have experience using Sketch and InVision or Figma

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