Whistleblower campaign: 5% discount at Visslan

Adligo now offers existing and new customers a discount on a complete whistleblower function in collaboration with the Malmö company Visslan. On 17 December 2023, the Swedish Whistleblower Act was updated. The aim is to increase the safety of both companies and employees by strengthening the protection for whistleblowers. All companies with more than 50 employees are affected, where the requirement is that a whistle-blower solution is implemented and that routines for how whistle-blowing are handled are introduced.
Whistleblower system, Whistleblower policy and Case management

* * The law firms Lindahl and VICI offer a solution for initial handling and assessment of whistleblowing.

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2. 2. Access and adapt standardized policy and communication materials to meet legal requirements.

3. 3. Personal onboarding with Visslan and introductory meeting with legal team (including due diligence).

4. 4. Launch! The whistleblower service is made available to all employees through Adligo.

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  • 50-250 employees: SEK 7,600 8,000/year 8,000 kr/år
  • 250-500 employees: SEK 10,450 11,000/year 11,000 kr/år

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