Once you've set up your Adligo account, you can begin using the platform instantly. Our user-friendly interface ensures smooth navigation. We also offer a complimentary introductory meeting to assist in tailoring Adligo to your business requirements.

Adligo is designed with ease of use in mind. Regardless of your tech-savviness, we've built a platform that's straightforward and intuitive. And if you ever encounter issues, our support team is always on standby to assist.

Adligo seamlessly integrates with various platforms, tools, and systems. We also provide an API for custom integrations based on specific needs. If you have tools or systems you wish to integrate with Adligo, our technical team offers guidance to ensure smooth integration.

Trying Adligo is easy and free. Enjoy a 7-day trial without entering card details. Create an account on our website or reach out to us, and we'll guide you through the next steps.

Adligo stands out for its user-friendliness, scalability, and the unique blend of intranet and HR functionalities. Unlike many other systems, Adligo is enjoyable to use and demands less time for implementation and training. Coupled with our responsive customer support and consistent updates based on user feedback, we always adapt to our customers' evolving needs.

Customer Queries

Welcome aboard! If you're a manager, start by setting up Vision & KPIs, Quick links, input company information, upload pertinent documents, and invite your employees. As an employee, simply verify your profile details and ensure Adligo is installed on your computer and phone. For further guidance, feel free to contact us.

We're reachable via phone, email, or scheduled meetings. Dial us at +4610-491 08 00 or shoot an email to support@adligo.io. Talk to you soon!

Your input is invaluable! Direct your suggestions and feedback to feedback@adligo.io. We consider every submission when planning future updates.

Technical Queries

Data is housed in the AWS data centers located in the Stockholm eu-north-1 region.

With every use of Adligo, rest assured your data is backed up. Adligo takes a snapshot post every update.

Absolutely! Use Adligo wherever, whenever. The platform adjusts the language based on your IP address, but you can switch languages anytime.

You can currently switch between Swedish and English. We're continuously working on adding more languages, ensuring everyone can utilize Adligo. For language suggestions, reach out to hello@adligo.io. hello@adligo.io.

General Information

An intranet is an organization's private network, mirroring the internet but reserved for internal use. It should facilitate document and information sharing and internal communication. A modern intranet should centralize collaboration, offering easy access to crucial documents, policies, and procedures. It should also boost motivation, simplify engaged leadership, and organize business-critical processes. For companies seeking an all-in-one solution to manage employee info, resources, and internal communication, a cloud-based solution like Adligo, merging intranet features with HR tools, is ideal.

HR systems for small businesses should prioritize user-friendliness, efficiency, and minimal time investment from the business owner, all while facilitating employee info management, goal tracking, and vital document organization. Adligo exemplifies such an HR system.

To motivate employees, set clear, measurable goals, provide regular feedback, and offer development opportunities. Adligo supports this through its Employee Goals and Vision & KPIs features, allowing managers to set and monitor employee goals while keeping the team informed of the company's overarching vision and progress. Boost engagement by enhancing communication, fostering an inclusive culture, and encouraging feedback. With Adligo, companies can stimulate internal dialogue.

In a digital workspace, maintain social interactions using platforms and tools allowing employees to engage, share news, ideas, and updates. Encourage participation in both digital and physical events. Adligo lets teams engage through posts, polls, and comments.

Engaged leadership entails leaders actively participating in their employees' development, well-being, and success. It's about listening to employee needs, providing resources for success, and cultivating an environment where employees feel valued. Adligo bridges the gap between managers and employees, simplifying tracking and providing timely reminders when needed.

Ensure all employees understand the company's vision by consistently emphasizing and updating it, integrating it into training and orientation sessions. Adligo's Vision & KPIs feature keeps the company's vision front and center for all to see and comprehend.